Apple License Plate Frame

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But only for customers who don’t ask questions.

Last week, I placed an order at The Missing Bite for an Apple logo license plate frame. I searched everywhere, and this was the only site that I could find that sold them. I placed my order, and I expected that it would ship within the timeframe promised. It didn’t. So I emailed them to ask when I could expect it to ship. What did I get for asking? They canceled my order. No apologies for failing to ship my order within the promised time. No offers to help. Nothing.

This makes me wonder what kind of people run The Missing Bite. They obviously have no desire to make their customers happy, and I can’t understand how they could possibly stay in business if they treat customers like this. I never asked for a refund, or for my order to be canceled. I can’t help but believe that there’s more to this. Perhaps they ran out of these license plate frames and didn’t want to tell me. Maybe they were having trouble filling orders on time. Maybe they’re assholes.

Missing Bite Missing Bite

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