Use Responder to set out of office messages from your iPhone

Tomorrow, you will start your long awaited vacation. You remembered to hand off all of your customers to your trusty co-worker, Ed. You remembered to shut down your computer. You remembered to wrap up all of your pending business, and you even got rid of all of your lunch left-overs from the fridge in the break room. But you forgot just one thing… You didn’t set your out of office auto-responder. Doh!

No worries! Just launch Responder on your iPhone, and create your out of office message. No Mac or PC is required! Creating an out of office responder is as easy as sending a text message, or updating your Facebook status. Responder is not just for vacations, or a day away from the office. You can use Responder to setup an auto response for lunches, meetings, or any time when you want to make sure that your customers and colleagues get a timely response to their emails when you are not available to answer them quickly. Responder helps you let everyone know they’re still important, but you are unavailable right now.

Responder lets you plan ahead. You can create a list of favorite messages to use for meetings and other daily activities when you won’t be available to respond. You can also set a time and date for when you want to set and disable your out of office response, and Responder can also automatically set and disable your auto response based on your location. You can set Responder to activate your out of office response when you leave your office, and deactivate it when you get back. This helps you avoid the embarrassment of forgetting to deactivate your responder. How many times have you sent an email to someone who just got back from vacation only to receive an automatic email back saying that they’re still away? Responder helps you look more organized… even if you really aren’t.

You can use Responder along with the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 7. When you schedule an out of office response with Responder, you can also set Do Not Disturb to automatically activate during the same scheduled time. While you’re unavailable to respond to emails, you also won’t be disturbed by the sounds of emails coming in. There’s no need to remember to deactivate when you’re done.

Setup is easy. All you need is your email server’s address, your user name, and your password. You can get your server’s address from your I.T. administrator. Hint… It’s the same address that you type into your web browser to get to your webmail. Upon first launching Responder, you will be guided by an easy to read and brief tutorial on the setup and use of Responder. If you forget how to do something later on, no problem. Just go back to Responder’s settings section, and watch the tutorial again.

Responder works with Kerio Connect, Microsoft Exchange, and Gmail. Make sure to download the right version. Responder is available as three separate apps on Apple’s iOS app store. The user interface has not yet been updated to match the look and feel of iOS 7, but that won’t matter. It works great, and the graphics are really nice.