Back on the job market

After over four years working with Kinetic Technology Group, I’m back on the job market. I loved working with Kinetic. They were the best group of techs that I have ever worked with. When I came onboard in January 2010, I already had some solid desktop and server skills, but what I learned while working with Kinetic Technology Group makes all of my previous experience working in I.T. look like child’s play. The skills and experience that I gained will be extremely valuable both for me, and the next company that I work for.

I am currently seeking employment here in Dallas. While I prefer to continue working as a consultant with a managed I.T. service company, I think I could go back to working in an I.T. department for the right company. I would love to work for a company full of creative geniuses who are driven by the same fanatical perfectionism that I am.

Here are some details and highlights of my I.T. career.

I’ve been a Mac user for almost 28 years. When I started my I.T. career in late 2000, I was working at CompUSA corporate headquarters in Addison, TX (suburb North of Dallas). I was one of two Mac techs working in the advertising department. This was back before Apple released Mac OS X. In those days, designers and graphic artists were using Mac OS 9 along with Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. Before working at CompUSA, I was really just an experienced Mac user, not a tech. I was always able to delve into the inner workings of a computer, and immediately understand how it works. I had also been trained in electronics while serving in the U.S. Navy. From my Dad, I inherited an almost fanatical perfectionist obsession with details. These things helped jumpstart me into an I.T. career. I quickly learned the ins and outs of Mac OS. I learned how to repair problems with Adobe creative apps, and I grew to thoroughly dislike Quark, and all software made by Extensis. I learned what the difference was between well designed software, and badly designed software, which I later nicknamed ‘crapware’. If I had nothing to do in the advertising department, I would head downstairs to see if I could help the Windows techs. They were all too happy to have me help out. Most Windows users at CompUSA were using Windows NT 4, but a few were using Windows 98, and Windows 2000. Despite being one of the biggest Apple fanboys around, I quickly embraced learning Windows with the same enthusiasm that I showed when I first learned how to use a Mac several years before. Later on, the Windows experience that I gained would become extremely valuable. After leaving CompUSA, I worked briefly for a company that made control systems for Apple’s retail stores, and later, a commercial printing company in Mesquite, TX called IntegraColor. At IntegraColor, I worked as both a Mac and Windows tech. This is where my Windows skills exponentially increased. The Macs didn’t break all that often, so I was working on PCs pretty much every day. This is where I learned how to configure, and maintain Windows Server. While still working for IntegraColor, I took on a part time job at the Apple Store at Willow Bend in Plano, TX. A year and a half later, Apple became my full time job when I was promoted to the role of Mac Genius. Working for Apple was awesome. By this time, Mac OS X was the default operating system on Macs. There was no more OS 9 to deal with. I spent four and a half years at Apple before moving on to work as a consultant for a company based in New York. Even though the company failed to gain a firm foothold here in Dallas, the experience that I gained as a consultant greatly increased my skills. This was when I started managing whole networks, and servers. I was introduced to Kerio Connect (then called Kerio Mail Server). I learned to love Kerio Connect for its simplicity, and ease of administration. It’s a great communication platform that I use today for my personal email. In January 2010, I joined a small I.T. consulting company called Kinetic Technology Group. Over the four years that followed, I gained more skills than in the previous ten years. Today, my skills include expert level knowledge of Apple’s OS X, and OS X Server, Windows Server, technologies such as Active Directory, Open Directory, Exchange, server storage, backup systems, iOS troubleshooting, large scale software deployment, Kerio Connect, Kerio Control, networking, security, and far too many other things to list here. Take a moment, and read over my Linked In profile, and also browse back in this post. Have you noticed that I never went to school for technology? I don’t often toot my own horn, but I am very proud that everything that I have learned did not come from a formal training program. Well… there is one exception. I went to a Mac OS X Server training course in Austin, TX in early 2008. It wasn’t very comprehensive, but it was a great jumpstart. I still encounter daunting server issues that make me want to scream (fortunately, I haven’t), but I always find a way to solve the problem. What’s more, I frequently work late, or extremely early in the morning to solve problems for my customers. I even stayed up all night working on a server, and I still found time to get in a workout at 24 Hour Fitness at 3am. I learned most of what I know from doing, rather than being taught by someone else. I’m a big believer in the sink or swim philosophy of teaching. Maybe it’s because I taught myself how to swim when I was a very scrawny little kid. I just got sick of not being able to swim by myself, so one day, I did it. I believe that we all have inner skills that we won’t see until we are challenged. I’m big believer in the philosophy that you should “Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you”.

I won’t go into the reasons why I left Kinetic Technology Group. I prefer to keep it private. I want to maintain a good relationship with everyone at Kinetic. They’re a great group of guys, and I will miss working with them. And I’m not forgetting the great customers that I had the pleasure of working with… Idea Planet, TicToc, Studio Outside, Housingwire, and Liberty Institute. These were my favorite customers, and the ones who truly made the work that I do a pleasure.

If you know of a position that I may be suited for, please contact me. My skills and experience are well detailed on Linked In, but I can also provide a resume upon request.