GetSync’d Kerio Connect or iCloud? Use both!

GetSync'd or iCloud

Working as an I.T. consultant, I’ve been using my own laptop for several years instead of a company owned system. My email, calendars, and contacts are a mix of business and personal. How can I draw a line between business and personal, and keep the two separate? It’s simple. I use Kerio Connect hosted through GetSync’d for work, and Apple’s iCloud for personal.

GetSync’d Kerio Connect, and iCloud use industry standard IMAP (for mail), CalDAV (for calendars), and CardDAV (for contacts synching). What’s more, they run side by side perfectly, and it’s easy to tell them apart. If I accidentally create a personal contact in my GetSync’d Kerio Connect account, it’s simple to move that contact into iCloud, and vice versa. It’s the same with calendar events. Using Apple’s Mail app, or another email application like Airmail, it’s easy to choose which email account to send from.

Both GetSync’d and iCloud play nicely together on your iPhone, or iPad. You can easily choose to view either account separately, or at the same time. Like on the Mac, it’s easy to choose which account you want to send email from, and you have the ability to choose which calendar you want to use for new events. Event invitations will be received by the calendar associated with the account that it was sent to. To create a contact in a specific account, simply use the Groups section in your iPhone/iPad contacts to go into the account you want to use, then create the contact. Both accounts can be visible on the iOS device at the same time when you want to see all contacts, both personal, and work.

Setup is simple. Just setup your GetSync’d Kerio Connect account normally using the Kerio Account Assistant. iCloud can be setup through the iCloud preference pane in System Preferences. Like the Kerio Account Assistant, iCloud will auto-configure mail, calendars, and contacts.

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